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Welcome at DIRN Observatory!

Exquisite Location
The DIRN Observatory is located in the Austrian Alps at a sea level of about 1000 meters directly neighbouring the Kalkalpen National Park.

Perfect Nightsky
The location offers an extraordinary nightsky that, as can be seen in a recent scientific study, is nearly totally free of any light pollution and thus can be compared to top-locations worldwide.

All Do-It-Yourself
The whole observatory including telescope, main mirror, fork mount, drives, cupola and building as well as the complete observatory software are self-planned and manufactured.
Videos and Reportages

Observatory Construction Phases
  • Project Start: Summer 2007
  • First Light Telescope: July 7, 2017
  • Planning und Implementation of Observatory, Telescope and Software: DI Hans-Heinrich Wenk (WOS - Wenk Observatory Solutions)
  • The observatory is run privately.

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