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Astronomical Tours

It is possible to join tours at the observatory. If you are interrested, please => register here

Tours for private groups, works outings, scool classes etc. are possible by arrangement.

The observatorie's main instrument is a rapid 14" Newton reflector. In coujunction with the outstanding dark night sky at the site this instrument shows you many wonders of the sky that you will not see with even bigger telescopes near the cities where the sky is polluted by artificial light!

  • The observatory is private, I therefore would ask to appreciate that tours without appointments are not possible!
  • Tour topics depend on the meterological situation, furthermore not all interesting astronomical objects are visible at all times!
  • Please take into account that it can be quite cold in the observatory. Please dress yourself accordingly!


I request financial support for the observatory. Details will follow after your contact!

Tour Contents

My offer to you is not just a simple peering through the telescope but I attach great value to communicating the background knowledge about what is actually visible in the telescope and answering upcoming questions.
For this, the observatory additionally has a comfortable control room equipped with ten seats. If worthwhile, the astronomical objects visible in the telescope are at the same time shown on a big flatscreen in the control room and can there be explained to all visitors simultaneously.
In addition you can experience how the telescope (weighing 400 kilos), several attached instruments as well as the cuppola with 1.200 kilos are all operated simultaneously from the control room!
At DIRN-Observatory no tour is the same as previous ones. As I individually plan tours according to the current astronomical situation each tour you get is unique!.    

Sun Observation

Tours at daytime with sun observations are possible!
  • Tour through the observatory, explanation of the instruments
  • Lecture on the subject sun as well as currently interresting astronomical events  
  • If the syk is clear sun observation

Star Observation

  • Tour through the observatory, explanation of the instruments
  • Lecture on astronomical basics as well as on currently interresting astronomical events
  • If the sky is clear and depending on the actual visibility observations of moon, plantes, comets and deep sky objects

Specific Talks

Upon consultation I will be pleased to provide talks on specific astronomical issues.

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